Missing hugs

It's a bit difficult, what I feel during this pandemic and what I miss during different times. It depends on what I hear on the news or if I have aches and pains, when I miss socialising and when the weather is cold and dark etc. But I can say that I have never missed hugging someone as much as now. I understand hugging is an essential part of my life otherwise.

I am learning about my own mental health

I have always had issues with anxiety and depression so when the isolation started I was aware that I had to be very alert. I didn't want this experience to affect terribly my relation with my husband, so I decided to consciously try to be talkative about my feelings, fears and triggers, like never before. Even if I didn't want to or if I feared being vulnerable.

Our relationship is stronger than ever actually. I am not happy this whole thing is happening to all of us but I'm very happy about my response to it.