Finally, having time to take long walks

I am a teacher and had this idea to go for a half an hour walk every day for YEARS. It never happened; until Corona came along! Now I am teaching from home and communicate with students and friends every day. No excuses for not going for walks any more. One hour a day is dedicated to 'walking the talk' — very liberating to go out the whole sixty minutes after having been 'incarcerated' for an incredible 1,380.

Appreciating the garden nature

Being stuck working from home isn't all bad. I'm lucky enough to have a garden and so have been taking photos every work day to put on facebook. It's hard to keep the ideas going without duplicates, but it's meant I've had to look harder which in turn has brought a renewed appreciation of the small things. I also have a better understanding of the natural order and cycle of the garden.

The online feedback has been positive too, with some looking forward to the next photo snap.