Lambs, buds and entwined wool

I do the same walk every day. Across a field and over to a village. I’ve watched gardens come out of hibernation and the lambs grow up. Nature and animals have been totally unaffected by what has been going on in the world. My walk is sometimes the only opportunity that I have to clear my head, think of nothing and be me.

My other world of work, home and relationships feels like a small box stuffed with a huge amount of entwined wool. I'm desperately trying to find the beginning of the thread so I can sort it out.

Covid-19 for a self-employed piano teacher.

My strategies to cope with self-isolation focus on limiting news intake for my mental health. I am self-employed and unable to work currently. I try to get fresh air every day, particularly try to do a walk in some green to keep me happy. I also find I use distraction such as cooking, playing animal crossing, watching TV and keeping connected to my family and friends. Self isolation has made me realise that my city, neighbourhood and community has come together in unity during this and people actually do ask how people are and mean it. It's also made me realise how much people are now appreciating Cambridge, UK. And the quieter traffic means you can hear birdsong and it's more peaceful.