I needed this

I feel guilty about saying this, because I know it’s been hard for most... but I was relieved that the lockdown gave me an excuse to retreat from the world. My family all live abroad, so I don’t get to see them frequently anyway. Early on during the lockdown I realized how much pressure I place on myself to consistently ‘perform’ to the world. It’s exhausting. For the last weeks, I’ve had a real reason to disengage. Have I focused on myself? No. “Looked within”? No. But I’ve stopped. I’ve paused. I’ve taken a break. And it felt better than most things I’ve done in a long time.

Online workshops with the Zadissa sisters

I was luck enough to attend three online workshops with Elmira and Ramona over lockdown where they showed their own beautiful art and encouraged us to talk and draw about our emotions communities and feelings. I’m attaching an abstract picture using a Zadissa template, which shows my two favourite places a tropical sunset in Thailand and Ladybower Resevoir in the Peak District.