Growing plants

The past ten years I have spent the summers with my daughters and been occupied in the garden or at the allotment. Due to Covid19 I have to stay in my flat with no garden and no allotment. I still try to sow different seeds and seedlings that my friends buy for me so I've created my own allotment in the balcony, planting a little at the balcony, a little in my living room, a little behind my bedroom window, a little in the window in the staircase of the building!

Go Shine

Walk through life these days is more uncertain. There is a black dog on the normally calm quiet path. Unfortunately, it looks a little scary. As move slowly down the path I'm met by a crow followed by a flock of rooks. I considered running but the dog follows, it’s moved in our house, it owns me, it’s there every day.

The path is clear I have experienced it before. I need gentle exercise to be able to talk to friends and neighbours. Long walks in the sun, sharing our feelings, picnics on the lawn, supporting each other more effectively, listening. Everyone seems closer and more caring and hopeful to go shine.