Go Shine

Walk through life these days is more uncertain there is a black dog on the normally calm quite path. Unfortunately it looks a little scary asI move slowly down the path I met by a crow followed by a flock of rooks. I considered running but the dog follows it’s moved our house it owns me it’s there every day the path is clear I have experienced it before I need gentle exercise to be talking to friends and neighbours. Long walks in the sun sharing our feelings, picnics on the law supporting each other more effectively listening well-being everyone seems closer and more caring and hopeful to go shine.

Finally having time to take long walks

I am a teacher and had this idea to go for a half an hour walk every day for YEARS. It never happened; until Corona came along! Now I am teaching from home and communicate with students and friends every day. No excuses for not going for walks anymore. One hour a day is dedicated to 'walking the talk' - very liberating to go out the whole sixty minutes after having been 'incarcerated' for an incredible 1,380.