Getting to know my community

During lockdown I have gotten to know people in my neighbourhood better, these small human interactions have been really valuable when not being able to socialise with my friends and family. We are helping each-other keeping sane by small acts of kindness. This has made me realise we should interact more with the people near us as these are the people we see almost every-day.

I am learning about my own mental health

I have always had issues with anxiety and depression so when the isolation started I was aware that I had to be very alert. I didn't want this experience to terribly affect my relation with my husband, so I decided to consciously try to be talkative about my feelings, fears and triggers, like never before. Even if I didn't want to or if I feared being vulnerable.

Our relationship is stronger than ever actually. I am not happy this whole thing is happening to all of us but I'm very happy about my response to it.