Fuego que habla (Talking fire)

In Mexico we have used the fire in some protest (in a peaceful way, just as a symbol) to represent energy, strength, change and light. I learn ascii-art, and I realized that even in quarantine, the fire is inside me... be your own fire and never stop shining.
En México hemos usado fuego (de manera pacífica) en algunas manifestaciones para representar energía, fuerza, cambio y luz. Aprendí ascii-art, y me dí cuenta de que incluso en cuarentena, este fuego sigue dentro de mí... sé tu propio fuego y nunca dejes de brillar.

Binge Watching and Staying Inside

Before lockdown, I was working part-time in London and doing PhD research at a university in the Midlands, going up to the Midlands twice every week. This left little time for my favourite hobby, watching tv series (somewhat ironic, given that my PhD is in Film theory). I used the lockdown as an opportunity to binge watch shows (Gentefied, La Casa de las Flores, the Most Beautiful Thing). Since I am an introvert, it's been great! I do miss walking around the city. As I live close to a very busy park, I have been scared of doing this now.