Belonging to different communities

I have realised that I can belong to lots of different communities and this is crucial to remaining positive and purposeful. I feel part of the community here through my local aid group, but am now also part of a strong online community of Portuguese speakers through the language learning I have been doing. I feel quite detached from the city where I currently live — to be honest I feel more part of a community based in a city across the Atlantic!

My neighbourhood

The best thing that has happened because of the pandemic is that people have started having more contact with their neighbours. In my neighbourhood in the north part of Sweden where I have lived the past 23 years, people barely said hi when seeing each other outside in the communal areas. Now families meet and have barbecues. Sometimes we sit outside and talk about everything from politics, food, clothes and most of the time about the weather which has been cold, rainy and cloudy almost every day. But I'm happy to have got to know my neighbours this summer.