Belonging to different communities

I have realised that I can belong to lots of different communities and this is crucial to remaining positive and purposeful. I feel part of the community here through my local aid group, but am now also part of a strong online community of Portuguese speakers through the language learning I have been doing. I feel quite detached from the city where I currently live — to be honest I feel more part of a community based in a city across the Atlantic!

Fuego que habla (Talking fire)

In Mexico we have used the fire in some protest (in a peaceful way, just as a symbol) to represent energy, strength, change and light. I learn ascii-art, and I realized that even in quarantine, the fire is inside me... be your own fire and never stop shining.
En México hemos usado fuego (de manera pacífica) en algunas manifestaciones para representar energía, fuerza, cambio y luz. Aprendí ascii-art, y me dí cuenta de que incluso en cuarentena, este fuego sigue dentro de mí... sé tu propio fuego y nunca dejes de brillar.