Meet Ramona and Elmira Zadissa

For Ephemeral Lines, the Zadissa sisters will be asking people if the architecture, cultural provision and infrastructure of where they live reflect who they are and who they feel connected to. At a time of lock-down due to a pandemic, the project examines the importance of human connections, and sharing experiences.

Elmira Zadissa and Ramona Zadissa are artists interested in the points at which age, gender and sexual identity, ethnicity, religion and other characteristics overlap; their practice seeks to uncover the stories and ideas that arise at these intersections.

More specifically, this art project will tell the story of experiences from social distancing and self-isolation and if conveying these stories can be a means to bring communities closer. Their approach is to meet people where they are and where they feel comfortable, initiating conversations that are based on genuine mutual respect and curiosity.

As a part of this residency Ramona and Elmira have developed this digital platform for people to share their stories and interact with each-other and the artists during this isolation period.

The collection of these stories will result in an art installation called ‘Ephemeral Lines’, representing your stories on a ‘wallpaper’.

We are asking people to submit a short story or comment about how they are coping with self-isolation or send in an audio file/ picture/ drawing representing this.